7 ways SHEQSY improves operations management

Most lone worker safety solutions exist solely to safeguard employees. While workplace health and safety are of utmost importance, there are other factors you should consider when evaluating an employee safety solution – including the platform’s ability to integrate with and/or enhance your current systems. 

To ensure that your organisation receives the maximum benefits from a safety platform, choose a solution that also improves your organisation’s operations management.

Here are 7 ways that SHEQSY’s safety solution can streamline your organisation’s operations, while also protecting your employees.

1. Gain full visibility of employees’ locations

Your lone worker safety platform should offer the ability to track and view lone and isolated workers’ locations in real-time, for ease of management and safety purposes.

For example, if there is an accident or emergency on-site, or if work takes place in a busy setting such as a shipping port, employers can easily find and account for their employees and send help.

SHEQSY’s cloud-based app is deployed across every employee’s mobile device so that, while an activity is taking place, their locations can be viewed in real-time.

This feature allows managers to easily confirm whether an employee is on a job site, at a client appointment, in the office, etc.

2. Streamline everyday management tasks

Your safety solution should also allow you to streamline everyday management tasks, whether they are simple or complex.

SHEQSY’s scheduling feature allows you to create and share appointments with employees, modify their schedules as necessary throughout the day, and send new appointments, changes, job instructions, and navigational directions to employees seamlessly. 

The platform also allows you to receive real-time feedback, such as when employees clock in/out or complete pre-start activity forms and questionnaires. 

In addition, SHEQSY’s reporting system enables you to provide proof of delivery of services to clients and senior management.

3. Improve reporting and organise your data and processes

It’s important that your organisation can effortlessly collect, organise, and store data from employee activities to assist with anything from human resources and bookkeeping to information management and government compliance.  

SHEQSY’s comprehensive safety and management platform stores all of this crucial data in one user-friendly digital hub. 

This turns reporting actuals and comparing them to plans and schedules into automated processes, and it also makes running reports as seamless as possible. 

In addition, using a digital platform eliminates the need for inconvenient and potentially disorganised paper-based reporting and data-storing processes.  

4. Integrate with your current systems and digital platforms

A great safety platform will have the ability to integrate with the systems you already use. 

For example, SHEQSY integrates with platforms such as Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, core-plus, and G Suite for functions like calendar scheduling, completing forms, and enabling employees to view and navigate to appointments. 

SHEQSY also integrates with enterprise management solutions to increase activity-specific data collection for WHS reviews and audits. 

All of SHEQSY’s data can be extracted via APIs for integration with all of your existing platforms, including hazard and incident reporting suites.

5. Accommodate the ‘buddy’ system with technology

Many organisations employ the ‘buddy’ system for community-based appointments. Your safety solution should be able to accommodate the purpose of the ‘buddy’ system while reducing the use of extra resources. 

With features such as real-time alerts when an employee overstays an activity or misses a check-in, simple and discreet duress activation and alerts, automatic man-down functionality, and 24/7 professional monitoring, SHEQSY can act as a ‘buddy’ to lone workers. 

Not only does SHEQSY safeguard your workers, but also it reduces the cost of a second ‘buddy’ employee’s time and travel. 

6. Experience peace of mind with 24/7 monitoring 

Employees and volunteers should be able to receive help seamlessly, at any time. 

Through SHEQSY, you can decide to monitor duress events yourself via email and SMS, or utilise SHEQSY’s 24/7, A1-graded monitoring centre. When alerts are raised, the monitoring centre immediately verifies duress situations and responds with your agreed escalation processes.

This empowers organisations by reducing stress and allowing team members to focus on other activities. Meanwhile, managers can still check on employee activities, in real-time, on the SHEQSY portal and have an escalation process that meets the employees’ and the organisation’s needs.

7. Empower employees to communicate effectively and efficiently 

Often, a phone call is not a simple or effective way to communicate with lone or isolated workers, nor is its content documented. 

SHEQSY offers a messaging feature, enabling employees to chat individually, or in groups, on the SHEQSY app.

If your employees typically work outside of mobile coverage, they can connect their smartphones to their satellite devices via Bluetooth to send and receive messages.

This feature empowers your lone workers to easily and effectively communicate, collaborate, and solve problems with other lone workers and your management team. 

Using SHEQSY to improve your organisation’s operations management

First and foremost, SHEQSY exists to keep your employees safe. However, as a comprehensive safety solution, SHEQSY helps you streamline your processes to improve your operations management – thereby reducing costs, saving time, and boosting customer satisfaction. 

SHEQSY not only ensures employees are kept safe with activity timers and duress functionality while working in isolation, but also it provides a single app for employees to view and navigate to upcoming activities, complete forms, report hazards and incidents, communicates with colleagues, and stay engaged. 

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