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SHEQSY is the leading lone worker app that protects employees in real-time while enhancing productivity, reducing liability, and streamlining lone worker management.

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Video: Simplify your lone worker safety systems

SHEQSY safeguards lone workers with smartphones and makes it easy to manage, monitor and report on lone worker activities from one user-friendly dashboard. Watch this quick video to see SHEQSY in action.


The Comprehensive
Lone Worker Safety Solution

Protect employees in real-time with a lone worker safety app

Equip lone workers with duress alarms, periodic check-ins, customizable pre-start forms, hazard reporting, and overtime alerts.

Efficiently manage, monitor, and report on lone worker activities

Visualize employees in real-time with activity countdown timers, manage duress events, schedule appointments, share navigation, and create reports.

Reduce exposures and workers’ compensation costs

Minimize the risks your lone workers face and reduce your liability, while keeping records of employee activities, hazards, and incidents.

Organizations worldwide trust SHEQSY to safeguard their lone workers

For nonprofits, government organizations, international corporations, and small businesses, SHEQSY provides the most reliable, innovative, user-friendly, and affordable lone worker safety app.


The Leading Lone Worker
Safety & Management Software

Deploy the SHEQSY lone worker app instantly across your workforce

SHEQSY is easy to use and set up. Activate the SHEQSY lone worker app for iPhone/iOS & Android instantly across your employees’ smartphones without any upfront costs.

Protect lone workers with personal duress alarms

Make sure your employees are ok alone by providing emergency assistance, at the push of a button. With SHEQSY’s Quick Panic widget, employees can quickly and discreetly activate duress, without opening the app.

Cut costs by saving time with the SHEQSY Management Dashboard

From the Dashboard, visualize employees’ locations on a map with activity countdown timers, review and escalate duress events,
and receive hazard and incident reports in real-time.

Connect SHEQSY with lone worker devices for more safety and flexibility

Integrate SHEQSY with discreet Bluetooth wearables and handheld satellite devices to ensure that your lone workers stay safe 24/7, even outside of mobile coverage.

Manage duress events internally or use SHEQSY’s 24/7 security monitoring center

Receive employee duress events via SMS, email, and automated phone call, or trust SHEQSY’s 24/7 monitoring center to verify duress events and activate your agreed response plan.
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Integrate with the tools that you use


SHEQSY is integrated with various calendar, scheduling, and risk management solutions for seamless lone worker management flows. Developers APIs are available for further integration.

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What SHEQSY users are saying

“Being a phone-based app makes the lone worker system extremely easy for staff to use and the app itself is simple to set up. It is also very easy for administrators to monitor the whereabouts of the app users in real-time.”

Caitlyn M.
Work Health and Safety Manager

“The lone worker app has made it possible to reliably and consistently fulfill our employer responsibility to worker safety during outreach home visits. However, beyond the compliance of OH&S laws, the sense of peace and shared responsibility for worker safety has allowed team leaders to focus on and actively contribute to other business needs.”

Anne W.
Care Coordination Team Leader

”SHEQSY is very easy to use. The app is intuitive and the features are reliable. We switched to SHEQSY after using another lone worker safety app and found that SHEQSY is far more user-friendly, less time-consuming, and runs smoother and more reliably.”

Alison L.

Protect employees. Save time. Reduce exposure.

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Make sure your employees get home safe with:
  • check_circle_outline SHEQSY, the best lone worker app for iPhone/iOS & Android
  • check_circle_outline Cloud-based management dashboard
  • check_circle_outline Quick Panic duress alarm
  • check_circle_outline Real-time location visualization
  • check_circle_outline Activity countdown timers
  • check_circle_outline Periodic check-ins and overtime alerts
  • check_circle_outline Hazard and incident reporting
  • check_circle_outline Customized safe work forms and checklists
  • check_circle_outline Emergency roll calls
  • check_circle_outline Seamless reporting and auditing
  • check_circle_outline Calendar, scheduling, and reporting integrations
  • check_circle_outline Navigation to appointments
  • check_circle_outline Public APIs for integration with other platforms
  • check_circle_outline 24/7 professional security monitoring (optional)
  • check_circle_outline Integrated Bluetooth wearables & handheld satellite devices (optional)